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Introduction to Self Healing Basics

At times the human body is full of unnecessary clutter from stress, anxiety, or depression. Below are videos I shared to give simple tips on clearing ones personal energy, clearing static energies within the home and advice on daily chanting to create a small shift towards a brighter day. 

This weeks "Life Advice" 

 Are you feeling like there's a shift happening. Finally seeing the patterns and connecting dots? Here's a little advice I like to share of what I've been feeling and doing to "START AGAIN!"

About Teaneck Reiki

Denise Ramos
Denise Ramos

Denise Ramos
Certified Reiki Master/Teacher

Today, there has been a shift in the way we approach life and healing. Individuals are looking for natural, relaxing ways of healing that will re-energize one’s life. If you feel like you are being guided to do something out of the norm, don’t worry, it’s probably just your inner self telling you to trust yourself. 

Seven years ago I started my journey. I was stressed and going through a tough time. That’s when a friend suggested “REIKI”. Having no clue what it was, after completing one session, I already felt clearer and began to feel a sense of change and calmness coming. 

I realized that what I was stressed about wasn’t what I could control, and that’s when I began to learn (and still am learning) to “LET GO!” 

After just one session, I wanted to know more about this art and become a seeker. 

After doing much research and speaking with many people, I began to understand that “REIKI” is a divine force from the universe. Between the benefits of the natural detox of the negative energy and clearing the chakras, I knew that if this practice could help me feel better with life’s challenges from one session, I needed to share “REIKI” with others. 

I became an official "CERTIFIED REIKI MASTER TEACHER" and I opened my business May 2020, where I offer services for the sole purpose of providing natural healing treatments to customers within  NJ, NY and the surrounding areas either in office or remote. In addition, crystal services and (coming soon) natural products that facilitate the healing process and help restore the harmonious flow of energy.

And as of 2021, I am also a "CERTIFIED INTEGRATIVE NUTRITION HEALTH COACH," giving spiritual balance and promoting ways to better eating habits, goal reaching, and sustainable change to give another look to a new life.

Start your first step towards natural change and call today to book a "REIKI" appointment. So you can begin your journey toward a cleaner and clear life.

Teaneck Reiki
Teaneck Reiki

How does Reiki work on stress symptoms?

Reiki energies have a high, healthy frequency and potency. Reiki masters and practitioners must undergo an attunement process in order to effectively channel the Reiki energies when practicing.

The Reiki practitioner will place palms on the outer location of the body or above, to feel disturbances that may be causing the issue. At times that energy is sense while "scanning" the body. 

After the scan, the Reiki Master will concentrate on all chakra hand placements or on an affected location to move blockage(s) with "white light" energy. Inturn, the client feels a result of lightness, comfort, or discomfort. All sessions are not that same and at times would need a return visit to remove issues.

Benefits of Reiki:

Increase energy and vitality
B​alances energy
Loosens blocked energy (Works on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level)
Adjust according to need
Supports the body’s natural ability
Helps relieve pain
Reduces Stress
✓ Creates inner harmony    
Promotes Calmness

Teaneck Reiki
Teaneck Reiki

Additional Services

Chakra Cleansing
The word "chakra" (pronounced shock-ra or chock-ra) means "wheel" or a "disk" in Sanskrit.  A chakra is an invisible disk of spinning energy.

   There are seven different "chakras" which represent each portion of
    the body/function differently.
    When Reiki is performed, it is an energy source that goes through the          body to clear blockages that cause a person's various issues within
    themselves. Reiki is "NOT" a cure for the disease, but what it can do is
    give a natural comfort or dis-ravel the blockage to the center part of the
    body, leaving you feeling at peace.

Health Coaching
Learn how to love yourself again. Learn about your "Primary Food!"
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This weeks Crystal Corner - Pyrite & Tourmaline 

Basic "Crystal Combo" to help your keep grounded, give inner strength, while being protected. These stone will show "who's for your highest good."

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